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Travel Adventure Project. Every movie part is a new adventure of the heroine in Arosa, episodes gradually get us acquainted with fairytale world of winter Switzerland and gorgeous Alps.


Switzerland is a secluded quiet rich and happy land right in the heart of Europe, where you can find perhaps everything you need. There’s no sea, but instead of the sea there are large magnificent lakes, and the largest one is situated in Geneva with the total area amounting to 581.3 km². But this time we went to Arosa, the Swiss commune in the canton of Graubünden that is remarkable with its beauty, hospitality and recognized as a great region for skiing and hiking with fantastic routes.

Screenplay and storyboard

According to the plot, the heroine makes a decision to travel alone for the first time in her life in order to have a rest, to escape the everyday life and to try something new. She travels to Arosa aimed to get to the top of Swiss Alps, to learn to ski and to have new impressions and to be involved into a chain of unexpected events.

Project presentation and fundraising

Project supported by Switzerland Tourism Party, Arosa Tourism, SWISS AirLines, Laederach Chocolate.


  • Filming
  • Photoshootings


  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Music Composing (4 original soundtracks were produced for the movie)
  • Animations (all the animations and infographics were drown by pencil)
  • Sound Design