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Completed in January 2016

Award winning custom bikes

One of SEVENFRIDAY stories, produced by Honest. The video is about Tobi Hyrenbach's passion – building the best custom motorbikes.


SEVENFRIDAY means living your dream. Tobi Hyrenbach has always loved motorbikes and the freedom they bring. His dream of building the best custom motorbike in the world is a strong one but after relentlessly following his passion he joined up with custom bike specialist Erne’s Euromotos in Zurich. After a tour of the workshop SEVENFRIDAY Team decided to make the video about Tobi to show what it is about motorbikes that inspires him.


We filmed straight at Tobi’s workshop.
At the shooting stage were:

  • Producer Oxana Vysochinskaya
  • Film director Ivan Gromov
  • Journalist Anna Zagorodnikova
  • Director of photography Anton Zorin
  • Photographer Nikita Benzoruk
  • Tobi and SEVENFRIDAY marketing director Ties Hendriks 


  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Sound Design