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Russian-Swiss Polo Tournament.
Organized together with Moscow Polo Club


The Triumph Cup took place in Moscow Polo Club on Saturday, May 27th.

This event aims at developing relations between Swiss and Russian companies. Several hundreds of guests attended this first edition.

A Veytay team was invited to participate to this event. Yasmine, Marine and Simon Luginbühl along with Andrew Drummond Moray flew from Geneva to compete against the the Moscow Polo Club team. The team was presented by Misha Rodzianko, Alexis Rodzianko, Gleb Fetisov and Igor Kuznetsov.

Special for Moscow Polo Club and the tournament Gregory Emvy made the horse sculpture "it's polo time". The sculpture is a Triumph Polo Cup symbol now.

After an open match, the Swiss team won the trophy.

Media coverage

The event was widely announced in luxury and lifestyle media.

Our part in the project

Idea, creative, vision, programme, fundraising, production.
Many thanks to Moscow Polo Club and Michael Rodzianko for the deep trust and supporting us in every point above.