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Completed in December 2014

Traveling Russia: Discover celebration

Travel Adventure Project. The video is the sequel of the story about Keyko, the ballerina from Moscow, and Philipp, a young Swiss photographer with whom she met during her trip to Zurich.


Was the end a year of 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland. And the partners proposed us to make a second Travel Adventure video which continues in Russia.

Screenplay and storyboard

The new movie was filmed in snowy Moscow and tells a story of a young Swiss guy that came to visit Keyko, Japanese ballerina he met in Zurich. He goes discovers the city and celebrates New Year with her in Russian style.

Project presentation and fundraising

Project supported by Swiss Embassy in Russia, SWISS AirLines, Lindt, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy.


  • Location management

  • Filming

  • Photoshootings


  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Music Composing (4 original soundtracks were produced for the movie)
  • Animations (all the animations and infographics were drown by pencil)
  • Sound Design