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Completed in November 2014

Traveling Switzerland: explore your senses

Travel Adventure Project Part. The video is a diary of traveling young Japanese ballerina. The project is a pledge of a non-standart, interesting, informative, conscious, insane and amazing experience and unforgettable emotions. This video project consists of eight inner episodes. They all may be watched separately but the best way is to watch them one by one.


In frame of 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland we decide to produce the first Travel Adventure movie about Zurich.
Best sights, unexpected beautiful places, nature, locals, cuisine and many other things are at the background of “Traveling Switzerland: Explore Your Senses” story. These film is to motivate people to visit Zurich.

Screenplay and storyboard

In the video kawaii Japanese girl arrives in Switzerland. At first everything looks to be very strange and alien for her. Slowly, step by step, she begins to notice more and more details and places. She begins to love Switzerland. And it's all is a result of her senses work.
All places our girl visits form a nice combination of Swiss tourist portrait.
In the beginning, we had no budget for storyboard artist and did it without a professional person. So…. The characters were look like cucumbers and the pictures keep us remember about the simple start this big project.

Project presentation and fundraising

Project partners and sponsors are: Swiss Embassy in Russia, SWISS AirLines, Lindt, SEVENFRIDAY, Marriott Zurich and many others.


  • Location management
  • Filming
  • Photoshootings


  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Music Composing (5 original soundtracks were produced for the movie)
  • Animations (all the animations and infographics were drown by pencil)
  • Sound Design